Seymour Waldegrave Soole

Seymour Waldegrave Soole
Gunner 199044 3rd Reserve Brigade
Royal Horse Artillery

 Division 46


Seymour Waldegrave Soole, was the eldest son of Laura Sophia Soole and the late Rev. S. H. Soole, of 3, Castle Crescent, Reading.

His is a registered war grave but bears a private memorial, number 7627.

 His death was reported in the Reading Standard, the newspaper for which he had worked.

Death of Gunner S. W. Soole

“To his journalist friends the death of gunner Seymore Waldegrave Soole, RHA, came  as a great shock.  Just three weeks ago the deceased joined the colours, he was taken ill at Portsmouth and died suddenly on Saturday of cerebro-menigitis.  The deceased aged 40, was the eldest son of the late Rev. Seymour H. Soole, vicar of Greyfriars’, Reading and grandson of the late Martin Hope Sutton, founder of the firm Sutton and Sons.  For over ten years Mr. Soole had  been on the literary staff of the “Reading Standard”.  He was educated at Bradfield college and at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating with Honours.  He performed his duties with courtesy and unostentation, and was greatly esteemed by his journalistic colleagues in Reading”. 

Then follows a list of the mourners.

“The grave was lined with ivy and moss, entwined with white a salmon cyclamen, and the laurel wreath and sheaf of violets were lowered with the coffin, which had been covered with a Union Jack”.

A list of the floral tributes followed.